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4 de febrero Actividades para obtener tu corazón de {Code} Beating

For being the shortest month of the year, February is jam-packed with holidays, observances and events. From Black History Month and Groundhog Day to Super Bowl Sunday and Chinese New Year, there are many people and milestones to celebrate. This Valentine’s Day, we’re feeling the love for our little bots with big hearts of code!

Join us in exploring the lessons and activities below to take advantage of this month’s celebrations, which provide many opportunities for learning. Just because it’s the smallest month of the year, that doesn’t mean we can’t have the biggest hearts of code ever in February!


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Do you know the code to love? Using and @Ozobot to spell L-O-V-E and we have nothin’ but ❤️ for ! @BRS_Academy

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Heart of Code: Ozobot Finds Love

Color Codes
All grades & ages!

In this lesson, each student or pair will be given a handout, which contains the letters ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’, and ‘E’ dispersed around a maze. Each letter is associated with a blank Color Code. Ozobot must spell out “LOVE” by visiting each letter in order (and only once).




Evo may not be playing in the this year, but that’s not going to stop it from having its own OzoBowl. Thanks to this awesome activity from educator, @TechSMIF, you and your bots can compete on the small field after the big game. Directions here: http://ozo.bot/ozobot-football-2019 

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Heart of the Game: Ozobot Football Activity

Color Codes
All grades & ages!

The Super Bowl may have been dull this year, however, we’ve got you covered to create your own exciting ball game thanks to educator @TechSMIF! To be fair, it takes place on a much smaller field, but just like this small month has a wealth of opportunities, this small field can become the birthplace of big leaps in learning code.


Heart of the Nation: President’s Day Parade

Color Codes
Grades 2-5

Ideal for elementary grades or creators who are brand new to coding, this lesson uses Color Codes to command Ozobot to parade past four U.S. presidents in the correct chronological order of their historical presidency terms. For an extra art element to combine with the history, decorate a Bit or Evo skin like a float you might see in a President’s Day parade, honoring some aspect of a certain president or of an influential change they made in our nation!


Heart of Black History: Dorothy Vaughan Lesson

Grades 5-10

In this lesson, students program their Ozobot Evo or Bit with OzoBlockly. If your students are new to OzoBlockly, start with OzoBlockly Basic Training beforehand. Students will dive straight into coding with Dorothy as their guide and heroine! First, learn about Ms. Vaughan and why we honor her accomplishments this month. Then explore Fortran, which is the very same programming language Dorothy learned and helped teach her colleagues at NASA.

Share your February creations with us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad! We’re excited for our hearts to beat as one love of code this month!

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